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Transform Your Content Delivery with Strapi.

Content without the technical constraints. 

Personalised, dynamic content at scale 

In today's fast-paced, digital-first world, managing and delivering content efficiently across multiple channels is more crucial than ever.

Traditional content management systems (CMS) struggle to keep up with the demand for dynamic, personalised content that reaches your audience on their preferred platforms. Enter Tedix and Strapi – the ultimate solution for your content needs.

Who's Using Strapi?


Yuka moves fast & expands internationally.

Strapi’s flexible content structure and Strapi Cloud’s unique developer experience helped Yuka accelerate the development and content management of its mobile application across international markets.


Google & WallDecaux delivery real-time outdoor ads.

Strapi enables the Google team to configure and update advertising assets in real-time. With 55 million impressions handled through strapi.


Finary increases organic traffic by 100x after building SEO pages with Strapi.

Finary is an independent startup that builds your finance OS. The Finary team used Strapi to build SEO pages, which allowed them to reach 70k unique sessions per month. Today, 75% of their traffic comes from organic channels. Read on to learn how Strapi helped them to win the SEO game..


Glean grows organic traffic by 60% after rebuilding the website with Strapi.

Glean develops inclusive learning technology that empowers 100,000s students with a proven note-taking process.. 

Agility & Scalability.

Quickly adapt to new platforms and market demands without overhauling your entire content strategy.

Personalisation at Scale.

Deliver tailored experiences using real-time data and predefined rules to meet individual customer preferences.

Efficiency & Consistency.

Centralise content management to streamline workflows and maintain consistency across all channels.

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Headless delivers at the speed of business requirements, not tech ability.

Strapi is an integrated omnichannel content management solution that empowers businesses to centralise content, embrace modular content components, and leverage advanced personalisation.

Centralise Content Management.

Streamline your workflows by managing all content assets from a single hub.


Ensure uniform content across all channels, enhancing your brand's credibility and user experience.


Seamless integrations. Optimised workflows. Industry-leading results. Ditch the budget limitations.

Advanced Personalisation.

Utilise Strapi and personalise tools to deliver content that resonates with individual preferences and behaviours.

Integration Capabilities.

Seamlessly integrate with third-party services to keep your content strategy agile and data-driven.

Grow Team Capabilities.

Easily onboard your internal teams to move at the speed of innovation.

Partner with Tedix for Unmatched Expertise.

As a Strapi Partner and Strapi Specialist, Tedix bring unparalleled expertise to your content strategy. With over two decades of experience, we offer tailored, composable solutions that meet your specific business needs.


Get started today with a 30min intro call.

A no-strings-attached meet and greet.